Ai Motor Black Edition with T-Mode and a built in Apex Locator

We’re excited to be the first to introduce the Ai Motor Black edition to the UK market and excited to have our toothsaver customers be the first to use such a game-changing device. The endo motor by Woodpecker Medical allows you to optimise your workflow when it comes to endo cases by being an all-in-one solution when it comes to bypassing ledges, apex locating and fine-tuning flexibility.


The Ai Motor is available in both White Standard and Black enhanced versions with the black having been designed and refined by the renown Dr Yoshi Terauchi. His take on the device has increased its speed and introduced a special T-Mode for bypassing ledges. The mode is explained here in the video below.

Dr. Yoshi's introduction to Ai-Motor

Ai Motor works with any file system and has a brushless design making it simpler and easier to work into your current workflow. We recommend the Valdent VS Flexi Files Gold / Blue to really make the most out of the power and performance of the Ai Motor. In the video below you can really see up close how flexible and refined the Ai Motor operates in practice.

You can also use the Ai Motor to remove a separated instrument as shown here in Dr Yoshi Terauchi’s video. The video segment shows the increased 2500 rpm speed which is also incredibly useful in retreatment cases.

When it comes to the Ai Motor’s built in Apex Locator, we’ve found in testing that not only is it incredibly accurate, but its accuracy is comparable to stand-alone units and industry leading apex locators.

Here’s a case study below that goes over how the device has been used by Dr. Andrew Ratsey.

In this case I have also selected auto start which means that you don’t need to even need to press the button. The motor will automatically start once it approaches the canal system. Sometimes this is really useful but sometimes if I need to precurve files to get into awkward canals it’s better to have this switched off.

Case Study using the Ai Motor

This was a case sent to me by a fantastic endo colleague to consider retreatment or apical surgery. Management of ledged canals can be a real challenge but with the right tools and being able to visualise the anatomy mentally we can often overcome these challenges without resorting to surgery. It’s good to have surgery as a backup option too. T-mode on the black Ai motor is specially designed for dealing with ledged anatomy. It watch winds 90 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise. Precurve your file and with very small amplitudes of vertical motion the file will climb the ledge. Once over the ledge and into the original anatomy the file will change to rotation which will quickly shape the canal while smoothing the ledge as the file moves apically. 

Dr. Ratsey: Patient attended with a complicated fracture of the DP cusp. Accessed from the fracture site, P and DB canals prepped to 30/04, mesial canals prepped to 25/04. Patient had a tiny mouth so glad for the small head on the AI motor and ability to pre curve the VS files.

Dr. Flynn: The small head on the Ai motor makes such a difference in these cases where every MM counts.

Unboxing Video

Feedback + Reviews

We love hearing how our customers use our products, and the way they improve cases, treatments and workflows. Here are some reviews of the Ai Motor Black Edition.


Review Video Transcription

Alright, so this is the black AI motor by woodpecker. Now, I've been using this for a couple of weeks. I'm a general dentist, but I do quite a lot of Endo. And I just wanted to speak about a few things that I like about this product. So anything which makes my life easier in practice and reduces my stress is going to be a huge plus for me. So a few things that I wanted to say about this product is, first of all, it's fully adjustable, which means I can take this anywhere into any practice, use it with any system, and the settings are really easy to adjust. So that makes life a lot easier. The fact that it's wireless means it's easy to move around and easy to carry around. The head of this instrument is also really really small, which means I don't really have any issues with limited mouth opening anymore because the Motor head is small enough to fit even, you know, upper sevens are fairly routine and fairly easy for me now the head is spins all the way around, which means I can hold there any way I don't have to break my wrist or put myself into an uncomfortable position. Also the the integrated apex locator, which I've compared to some of the more known brands is dead accurate, which means I can use this and I can use the apex locator at the same time, which means I can do my prep and apex locating at the same time which which means I don't have to remove this I don't have to attach wires to the patient again and spend that extra two or three minutes using a separate apex locator, it's an all in one system. So in general, I mean this has is really reduced the amount of stress I experienced with endo improved my experience with endo procedures, and I would recommend it to any dentists really.

- Dr Amar Jasim


If you’d like to purchase the Ai Motor for yourself, here is the page where you can do so.

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