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Painless, cordless, effortless

DentaPen® is the future of anaesthesia. It is a compact handheld device designed for dentists to provide totally painless procedures.

The devices uses cutting-edge computer controlled local anaesthesia delivery technology to provide effortless dental anaesthesia. This paired with the easy set-up and the device being operational in seconds, makes the DentaPen® a great addition to any dentists' tool belt.


DentaPen® offers patients better comfort by significantly reducing pain and eliminates fear of injections due to the small needle size and quick application. 


DentaPen® helps dentists avoid muscle strain unlike repeated manual injections, and gives dentists flexibility in terms of dosage and anaesthetic delivery speed.


DentaPen® is suitable for all anaesthesia techniques including palatal, infiltration, block and intraligamental.



Protective sleeves

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