Sensor for digital X-ray

H1: H1 sensor for anterior teeth
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Digital Intraoral x-ray imaging system

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High resolution imaging

High definition sensor with up to 2.2 million pixels, more detailed images, better image quality with a theoretical resolution of 25 lp/mm, giving high levels of clarity and detail to your digital radiography.

• 25 lp/mm theoretical resolution

• With the leading 16-bit ADC chip, bringing you up to 60000+ grey scale. 

• Clearer images so root apex bifurcation can be found easily. 

4.4mm sensor size.

• Ergonomically optimised cut-corners and 4.4mm thickness

• Easy sensor placement 

• Thinner sensor allows for better bitewing radiographs and simplified vertical bitewing acquisition. 

Durable and Reliable 

i-Sensor is designed to prevent any kind of damages in its everyday use. Based on actual usage and thens of thousands of bending experiments, the product is extremely durable.

The robust CNC shell fusion ultrasonic welding technology allows for a ultra-light weight experience. 

IP68 protection means the device can be immersed in disinfectant liquid to avoid cross contamination.

• 80000+ bending test

Smart and powerful software

i-Sensor provides simple and easy-to-operate software, one-click smart installation and use, and is equipped with powerful image processing function, so you can significantly and quickly improve the quality of radiographs. 

• One-click smart installation

• User-defined image processing tools 

• Free to use and upgrade

Can supply twain drivers for integrations to other softwares

Technical Specifications

Power adapter input: 5v USB 3.0

Effective area: 20mm x 30mm (h1) / 26mm x 36mm (h2)

Size: 38.5mm x 25mm x 4.5mm (h1) / 40mm x 31mm x 4.5mm

Weight: 118g (h1) / 158g (h2)

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