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Okay, so we have four different mirrors. So we have our microsurgical mirrors, but I'm not going to talk about them today, and we have our size zero mirrors. These are 14 millimetres in diameter and a lot of endodontists like to use the smaller mirror diameter because it makes access easier. Then we have size four and size five mirrors. Lots of the restorative dentist like to use the size five mirrors, they're 24 millimetres in diameter. So you'd be able to see a bigger field of view with the size five mirrors. Our size four mirrors are nice, a lot of endodontist use the size for mirrors as well. They're 22 millimetres in diameter. All the mirrors we have a special coating on them that make them super reflective and they produce very, very, very clear images.

Case study using Relax Dental Mirrors by Dr Sanj Bhanderi 

Case Study using Talon Burs and Relax Mirror by Dr Tom Brannen

Maintenance of Mirrors by specialist endodontist Dr Daniel Flynn

relax dental mirrors

I’ve chosen these mirrors as they are front surface mirrors and have a reflectivity factor of circa 113%. This is great when trying to find canals and looking for subtle colour changes. It is important to have a front surface mirror as there is only one reflection. Rear surface mirrors have a reflection from the mirror but also a minor reflection from the glass making the overall image less sharp.
The reflectivity factor is amazing for this mirror but there are steps you need to be aware of to retain this quality. There are 34 dielectric layers In the special coating used which is less resilient than rhodium mirrors to disinfection products.
NB: to maintain optimal vision ideally rinse the mirrors with deionised water. If tap water is used make sure that the surface is completely dry prior to sterilisation as calciferous marks can mark the special layers and cannot be removed.

Recommendation by Dr Matul Patel

relax dental mirrors

I now have two different sized Relax mouth mirrors: size 0 and 4.
The image quality is unparalleled. Very similar to Zirc Crystal HD but better value.
The size 0 allows me to get into posterior areas easily and I have an extra long handle so my hands are out of the way for my assistant to get close with suction etc.
The size 4 is brilliant for all pre and post-endodontic treatment restorative work. I also use this for anterior and premolar endodontic treatments.
I tried a size 8 and it is great for taking photos, negating the use of occlusal and buccal mirrors for endodontic photography.
These are making treatment much more enjoyable!

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