Cerabur, Ceramic Bur Kit

Ceramic bur kit 22/26mm: 22mm length kit
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For deep caries removal.
Preferentially removes soft caries rather than healthy tissue. 

Standard length 22mm ceramic roseheads assorted sizes with slim neck.

Long length 26mm ceramic rosehead assorted sizes with slim neck.

This is a ceramic round bur used for controlled, intuitive excavating of carious, soft dentin.

- Feel when the instrument leaves decayed dentin, saving more healthy tooth structure. 

- Less chatter excavating of caries, made of fully milled zirconia.

- Made of fully milled zirconia so the instrument is biocompatible and corrosion-free.

- Biocompatible and corrosion-free

In a study prepared by the Queen Mary University of London, the CeraBur showed that its service life is 3x times longer than a round tungsten carbide bur.

Application: Cavity preparation 
Maximum Speed: 40000

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