Endo access burs (beasts and refined).

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Toothsavers choice: 10 burs in an autoclavable case  

Surgical 330 bur: 25mm carbide bur. I like this bur for accessing lower incisors or in cases with pulp canal obliteration  also useful in removing fibre posts.

Refined access diamond bur: For conservative access, selective retreatment. ISO 298/010

Coarse diamond: General access.
Diameter (mm): 1.4 Head Length (mm): 8.0

Safe ended Endo access bur: For refining walls when searching for canals with no risk of perforation as non diamond coated cutting tip.

Extra coarse diamond bur: For initial penetration through zirconia. Use like a brush. 141-014XC; extra coarse, zirconia cutter. Diameter (mm): 1.4 Length (mm): 8.0

Endo Access burs: ISO 173/018. Working : 10.15mm/Max. diam. 1.8mm

Cusp reduction: Rugby ball shape bur

Cavity prep bur: Flat cylinder, iso 010

Talon 12: for cutting through metal, amalgam, PFM ideally with an electric motor such as MT3. Single use bur

Talon surgical length 10: for surgery, root resection and sectioning teeth. Also good for deep core removal of vision permits. Head is 1mm wide for accurate cutting especially useful for surgical cases. Single use bur


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