Ai Motor White Edition

Ai motor: With additional contra-angle
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The Ai Motor

Key features of the Ai Motor

Integrated apex locator, can use any file system, microhead for difficult to access teeth. Wireless charging and great battery life.

Great choice for general dentists.

• 360º rotatable contra-angle 

• Can use any file system. 

• Convenient wireless charging 

• 6:1 Contra angle 

• 2000mAh lithium battery  

• Front centre-of-gravity 

• Three times longer service life 

• Software upgrades available. 

High performance brushless motor 

• Adjustable reciprocating angle 

( 10º intervals, range from 20º - 340º ) 

• Accurate rotating angle reduces risk of instrument fracture and enables higher preparing efficiency. 

Smooth rotation and lower noise makes treatment more comfortable and relaxing for patients.  

Strong power paired with stable and accurate torque output improves efficiency in root canal preparation.  

Super mini contra-angle 

• 8mm head diameter. 

• 9.7mm height. 

• Improved visibility during procedure.  

Built-in apex locator 

• Integrated length determination allows treatment to be safer and more efficient. 

• View real-time display imagery of file location within the canal.  

• Automatically stops or rotates in reverse as soon as the apical stop is reached, preventing perforation.  

• Auto stop/start functions enable motor to start when the file enters the canal and stop when it comes out.  

Endo Motor Technical Specifications 

Speed: 100-1200RPM 

Torque: 0.4-5.0Ncm 

Charging mode: Wireless charging 

Battery Capacity: 2000mAh 

Add extra contra angle to you order here 

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