EverX Posterior Unitip

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15 X 0.25g

Fiber Reinforced Composite For Dentine Replacement.
GC everX Posterior is a fibre-reinforced composite designed to be used as dentine replacement in conjunction with conventional a composite such as G-ænial Posterior/ Essentia used as enamel replacement.

Indications: everX Posterior

Fibre-reinforced composite for dentin replacement
  • Cavities with 3 surfaces or more to be restored
  • Cavities with missing cusps
  • Deep cavities (including class I, II and endodontically treated teeth)
  • Cavities after amalgam replacement (especially since amalgam placement often leads to initiation of crack and cusp fracture)
  • Cavities where onlays & inlays would also be indicated

Note: GC EverX Posterior should always be covered with a layer of light-cured composite.


  • Short fibres prevent and stop the progression of fractures in the restoration
  • Fracture toughness equivalent to dentin and almost double to any composite will bring unsurpassed strength to the restoration
  • Minimal horizontal shrinkage as fibres contribute to shrinkage reduction in the direction of their orientation
  • 4 to 5 mm increments can be cured simultaneously
  • Reliable bond to overlaying composite as well as to the tooth structure

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