Gutta Percha Removal Instrument by Yoshi Terauchi

Style: Left/right
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Designed by Yoshi Terauchi for the removal of GP fragments during root canal re-treatment

A must for dentists who do regular retreatments. 

The instruments have a sharp hook apically in order products to then utmost precision to engage gp and remove from the walls or isthmus region. 
The taper of the instrument is 06 with a maximum diameter of .68mm allowing outstanding tensile strength and stability. 

The handle made of PEEK, a shape-and color-stable high performance plastic, is extremely light – each instrument weighs only 12 grams. The handle design combines the advantages of simple cleaning and sterilization with outstanding grip characteristics.

The instruments are available in two versions, adapted to the different clinical situations: length of working ends 26mm, hooks to left / right or up / down.

Side uses:

• Left + Down

• Right + Up


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