Mirrors: RELAX | 10 Pack & Ultravision/microsurgery

Mirrors: #4 Relax Assorted mirrors (22mm diameter)
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Hahnenkratt's Relax 10 Dental Mirrors, Designed with a perfect blend of technology and ergonomics.

There's a reason you've probably heard about this oral mirror. Both in our testing and from our customer feedback, we've been blown away with the image quality, colour accuracy and durability of the hahnenkratt RELAX dental mirror. The brightness and clarity of the mirror is superb, and we feel you need to experience this mirror in person to truly appreciate it. 

Purchasing Options:

All RELAX dental mirrors are sold in a 10 pack. 

Key Features:

• Lightweight design

• Comfortable to hold

• Colour stable (resistant against acids and plaque indicators)

• No gap between the mirror and casing for better hygiene

• Front surface mirrors

• The brightest and sharpest mirror worldwide (according to manufacturer).

• Brighter than rhodium

• Superior colour accuracy

• The instrument is autoclavable, acid-resistant and suitable for thermal disinfection.

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