Hands On Endo Course | £595 |Central London 1st March

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Endo masterclass 9:30-5:30 


Endodontic masterclasses with Dr Flynn aims to give you protocols to predictably treat simple and complex cases using the latest endodontic advances.

Problem solving:

The most common questions we are asked on course:

• I can't find all the canals

• I can't get to length predictably

• I want to use and understand bioceramic sealers

• My obturation is short

• Can you help with instrumenting curved canals?

• Can we make obturation easier and more predictable?


• Ideal access preparation.

• Where to locate canals.

• Endodontic anatomy.

• Stop losing working length. • Improve the predictability of your treatment.

• You will work on 3-D printed teeth and extracted teeth

• How control memory files can make instrumentation easier.

• Tips for getting and maintaining patency.

• The latest irrigation and obturation techniques

The step by step process of how to instrument a double curve which once understood will make the process of instrumenting single curves easy.

 What next: 

  • Book now
  • Collect extracted teeth 

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Ask Our Expert - Dr Daniel Flynn, Specialist Endodontist

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