MiniKUT Rotary NiTi Endodontic files by Dr Buchanan

File options: Procedure packs small canals
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The miniKUT File embodies the convergence of advanced machining and heat treatment technologies with the minimal preparation outcomes desired by clinicians worldwide. Unique in its flexibility, sharpness, and resistance to cyclic fatigue, while offering the clinician the ability to pre-bend, miniKUT is the ideal file to treat torturously curved canals while preserving natural anatomy.

Procedure packs (small/large canals) and retreatment files  contain 3 files.

Individual refill files contain 6 files. 

My favourite files in this sequence are mb2 miniKUt which despite its name can be used in any canal as the first file before hand files. 15/03 glide path file and the 20/06 retreatment file. You can integrate these files into any system that you are currently using. 

Start with the procedure pack small canals and the miniKUT Mb2 pack to get a feel for the files. 

Note: stainless steel hand files and gp are on this page too. 

Small canals:


15/07 (17mm orifice opener),

15/03 (25mm glide path file),

25/03 (25mm shaper) 


Large canals:


15/07 (17mm orifice opener),

25/05 (25mm shaper 1),

35/05. (25mm finisher). 

Refill packs:

15/03 glide path file 21/25mm length

15/05 negotiation file 21/25mm length

Orifice opener 15/07 17mm length

Shaping file:

20/03 25mm

25/03 25mm

30/03 25mm

 Retreatment file

20/06 25mm

25/08 25mm



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