Minimal access burs by Dr Buchanan

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Designed by Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan, the PlanB Minimally Invasive Endodontic Bur portfolio provides the Clinician a full complement of Endodontic Preparation and Access Burs tailored for preserving tooth structure. The cornerstones of the offering are the PlanB MIE Access Diamonds which are built to guide instrumentation for any rotary file system. The multi-use PlanB Access Diamond comes in the 2 sizes (small diameter cutting surface and large diameter cutting surface) and features a non-cutting fully radiused variable tapered tip. The PBAD-L is a conservative cutting update to the LA Axxess Instrument*. The entire range of 8 burs are available as refills or in a convenient bur clip that includes 3 of each bur (24 total burs).

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