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One-Fil® multibuy offer - Buy Five Get One Free

One order of this product is:
• 5 Full Price One-Fil® Packs
• 1 Free One-Fil® Pack 

One-Fil is CALCIUM SILICATE-based bioceramic root canal sealer and provides optimal biocompatible environment in the root canal. It has excellent sealing ability as bio-ceramic sealer.
What's in each of the boxes:
Pre-mixed Syringe (2g) x 1
Intra-canal tips x 15
Key Features:
• Sets within 3 hours 
• High radiopacity
• Antibacterial effect 
• Dimensional stability
• Biocompatibility 
• Outstanding sealing property  

Hydration Mechanisms

One-Fil bioceramic sealer is a calcium silicate mixed with H2O(water), it produce calcium alumino silicate (C-A-H GEL) and Calcium silicate hydrate(C-S-H GEL) and The high pH(pH 13.2) can be eliminates the bacteria present in root canal.

Physical Properties

Setting time for the One-Fil Bioceramic Sealer is 30 min, accroding to ISO 6876:2012(100% humidity condition) But it has 2.5hours in normal root canal.


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