Penn Endo Surgery Plugger set

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By Prof Kim:

Plugging instruments: After placement of bioceramic materials or other filling materials, the root prepared canals must be gently condensed coronally. The Plastic Instruments above place the filling material into the root prepared canal. There are two sizes of pluggers - thin and thick – which are used to plug the materials deeply into the canal. The size of the micro-condenser tips used depends upon the size of root end prep. The plastic instrument is designed to press the root end filling material into the root end prep space. The MTA Block is a special system which allows the dentist to pick small piece of MTA or bioceramic material from the plastic block with the plastic instrument and carry to the root end prep canal.

MTA Block acc. to Dr. Lee
Carver / Filling instrument
Perforation repair instrument
Micro-Plugger, length 3 mm, 0.6 mm dia. 
Micro-Plugger, length 2.5 mm, 1.0 mm dia. 
Steritray MINI with transverse bar

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