Penn Endo Surgery Tissue Elevation kit

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By Prof Kim at University of Penn.

The two periosteal elevators are important for flap elevation without tearing. The four ends have different shapes. The sharp end is the one which lifts tissue at the sulcus without tearing. The different shapes of the remaining tips are to accommodate the tissue type and thickness of the tissue. These curettes are the most important instruments in the kit!! To remove all the granulation tissue embedded into the bone is the hardest job in the surgery! There are many shapes of curette tips; some are sharp and some are thick, dependent upon the area in which you are doing the surgery. Around the roots one needs sharp curved curettes. Removing large granulation tissue requires a large curved curette. The osteotomy site shape varies - some are big and deep, and some are shallow and curved laterally. These various shaped curettes are designed to remove all granulation tissue efficiently! 

Periosteal elevator 
Periosteal elevator
Curette GRACEY
Granulation tissue excavator
Granulation tissue excavator
Granulation tissue excavator 
Granulation tissue excavator 

Steri-tray with transverse bar 180mm x 130mm

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