Plex V Files

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Controlled Memory Files by Orodeka


  • Manufactured using an exclusive thermal process. All metalurgic transitions as Austensite and martensite phases, take place at room temperature, giving many benefits against other NiTi files.
  • Have controlled memory wire and this allows us to respect the root canal anatomy, avoiding root weakening and the creation of ledges, transportation or canal perforations.
  • CM wire Alloy with special heat treatment give very hig resistance to torsional and flexural fatigue.
  • Can be pre-curved and show extreme efficiency in the most curved canals.
  • Have shape memory, material recovers its original shape when sterilized, retrieving all the metallic properties, and its metalurgic structure.
  • The instrument section is triangular convex modified, facilitates the removal of debris and reduces contact with the canal walls, with a very active cutting efficiency.


Recommended sequences for Plex V files

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