PT-A (late 2022 version with heating function, 2 air polishing hand pieces, 2 ultrasonic handpiece and tips)

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Dental scaler and air polishing device  

We have a price match guarantee on our products and as clinicians we know the products.  

Scaler and air polisher for periodontal, endo and implant maintenance. 

Small concentrated nozzle for more concentrated air polishing.

Large touch screen with Smart waterproof touch control.

Three section handpiece for easier cleaning.

Multifunctional foot pedal.

Equipped with two water supply bottles (600mL, 1400mL).

Chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide, and sodium hypochlorite can be added with an external water supply is also available.

65 microns sodium bicarbonate powder and 25 micron glycine powder. 

Can use alternative powders with this unit too.

Water heating unit makes the treatment more pleasant.

Extra titanium tips included. 

Total accessory value is circa £1500

Air Polishing 

Air polishing is the process of using compressed air to spray powder and water on the tooth surface with Air Polisher to remove plaque and stains.

Efficient and comfortable treatment makes it more comfortable for patients. Does not scratch the surface of the teeth and does not easily damage soft tissues.

Thorough removal of plaque

Air polishing can achieve significant cleaning in  difficult-to-access areas.

Reduce plaque and pigment adhesion

After ultrasonic scaling or manual scaling, patients are likely to feel that the teeth surface is rough and uneven. The main function of air polishing is to polish teeth surface. After polishing, the tooth surface is smoother, and the plaque and pigment are less likely to adhere to it.

Modern scaling solutions for supragingival and subgingival scaling

• Small caliber nozzle for more concentrated air polishing.

• Anti-blocking system for reducing blocking.

• Air polishing, perio, endo and implant maintenance.

Key features

• Large touch screen with smart controls

• Multi-function foot pedal 

• Dual water supply

• Automatic identification of scaling mode

• Three-piece air polishing handpiece for easy cleaning


  1. Main unit
  2. Air-powder sterlizing box : For sterilization and storage of air polishing handpiece and cleaning needle
  3. Ultrasonic sterilizing box : For sterilisation and storage of Ultrasonic Handpiece and cleaning needle
  4. Outer box : For storage of all PT-A Accessories
  5. 1x Ultrasonic handpiece
  6. 3x Sterilizing box
  7. 2x Powder Tank
  8. 2x Air Polishing handpiece
  9. 2x Water bottle
  10. 2x Water pipe air pipe
  11. 2x Torque Wrench
  12. 1x Multi-functional foot pedal
  13. 2x Needle
  14. 1x Power Adaptor
  15. 2x Tip P33
  16. 2x Tip 59
  17. 2x Tip P56
  18. 2x Tip P50L
  19. 2x Tip P50R
  20. Implant maintanance 1 x P94
  21. Implant maintanance 1 x P95
  22. Endo Irrigation Tip 2xE60

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