Pt-B Scaler & Air Polisher with heating function

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This is the latest scaler and air polishing system with 4 temperature settings for added comfort. It now has auto-preheating of the water and a wireless bluetooth foot pedal.

Air Polishing

12 level of water volume and power adjustment for precise treatment

4 temperature settings for added comfort (25C, 30C, 35C and 40C).

Ultrasonic Scaling

3 modules: General, Perio, Endo

Periodontal Treatment

Endodontic Treatment

Restoration Preparation

Implant Maintenance

Multifuctional Wireless Foot Pedal

Bluetooth 5.0 connection for super fast response

Enable 72h continuous working when fully charged

Dual Foot pedals for worry free power supply

Verstatile and convenient operation

Contact us for more details or for a trial. 

The PT-B includes the following items with the initial kit.

Main PT-B Unit
Power Cord
Wireless Foot Pedal
Ultrasonic Handpiece x2 
P33 Tip x2 
P50L Tip x2 
P50R Tip x2 
P56 Tip x2 
P59 Tip x2 
P94 Tip 
E95 Tip 
E60 Tip x2 
Torque Wrench x2 
Air Polishing Handpiece x2 
Powder Tank x2 
Water Bottle 600ml
Water Bottle 1,400ml
Sterilization Box Perio x2 
Sterilization Box Air Polishing
Braided Tube
Needle x2 
Air Filter Cartridge
O-Ring Kit
Rubber Sealing Element x2 
Endo Wrench x2 
LED Light x2 
Nozzle x10 
Nozzle Wrench
Union Tee
Male Connector
Female Connector
Quick Coupler
PU Tube x4 
Instruction Manual
Tip Book
Packing List
Certification Document
Prophylaxis Powder x2 

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