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Toothsaver files intro pack 

Orifice opener:  6 x 20 10

Glide path files: 6 x 15 variable taper glide path file

Shaper files: 6 x 20 04

                       6 x 25 04

                       6 x 30 04

                       6 x 20/07

Very easy sequence:

Orifice opener (R) 2-3mm into the canal to remove coronal interferences.  
10 file to resistance 

15 glide path file (016 white band) to just short of where the loose 10 file stops. 

Irrigate with dual rinse and irriflex.

Work 10 file (ideally d finder) to Wl and confirm with apex locator. 

Finish depending on canal anatomy 20/4 (yellow), 25/04 or 30/04 file. 

If deeper taper needed finish with 20/07. 

Obturate with Onefil sealer and matched gp cone. 
Sear Gp with Fi-p and back fill with Fi-g


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