Wirelex apex locator

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Totally wireless apex locator

Smart simplicity
A state-of-the-art apex locator system, Wirele-X is the most innovative solution of its kind, incorporating advanced wireless Bluetooth technology to eliminate the need for long cables. Wirele-X consists of a notably small apex locator, attaches to the rubber dam, next to the patient’s mouth, and an advanced display screen. Measurements are transmitted from the apex locator to the display unit using Bluetooth technology.

Product features

• Accurate and reliable.

• Unique product design.

• Eliminates the need for long cables.

• User friendly product architecture.

• Clear and simple result presentation.

• Environmentally friendly. 

• Simplifies measurement procedure. 

Technical Specifications

Size: 66mm x 32mm x 22mm

Weight: 20g

Display: LED

Wireless: Bluetooth® 5.0

Frequency band: 2.402GHz to 2.480GHz

Radiated power: 5mW

Battery type: 3.7V lithium-ion polymer

Power input: 230V / 120V, 50Hz / 60Hz

Power output: 5V DC

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