IrriFlex® Irrigation needles

Irriflex® flexible fine tapered irrigation needle

Canal irrigation isn’t always as simple as it should be but with the Irriflex® irrigation needle by produites dentaires you can irrigate deep within fine canals to get maximum irrigation. Our customers absolutely love the precision and dexterity of the Irriflex® irrigation tips and we hope you will too.



Dr Daniel Flynn and Dr Riccardo Tonini:



Here’s a closer look at how the Irriflex® differs from conventional irrigation tips. 


Video Transcription

Irriflex® innovation for advanced root canal irrigation.

instrumentation of the root canal during endodontic treatment produces a smear layer, which covers the root canal walls. Residues of debris smear layer, and biofilm can lead to apical periodontitis. Irriflex® is an innovative dental irrigation needle designed to improve cleaning and disinfection procedures.

The transparent Irriflex® needle is made of soft polypropylene 27 millimetres long with depth marks at 18, 19, 20 and 22 millimetres. 30 gauge wide at the tip 4% taper, angulation of 60 degrees for better accessibility and a lower lock connection. The unique closed ended two signed vent needle design deliver solutions as close to the apex as possible.

The horizontal flow and a specific taper increase the sheer stress effect in the entire root canal system for more efficient cleaning results. If necessary, Irriflex® can be slightly pre-bent before insertion.

The soft polypropylene body makes the needle curve and flex easily in the most complex root canal anatomy without being traumatic for dentin. The 4% tapered shape matches root canal preparation unlike conventional metal needles. 

The higher solution flow rate and the reduced space around the needle significantly increased the wall sheer stress along the root canal. This superior sheer stress improves the cleaning efficacy and mechanically removes more residues, such as debris, smear layer and biofilm from the root canal walls. Irriflex® glides smoothly inside the root canal. It favors up and down motion to agitate solutions and fully irrigate the root canal system, both opposite fence, deliver solutions deep into the dentin to improve detachment of soft and hard residues.

In addition, the powerful horizontal flow provides high levels of shear stress directly onto the root canal wall. So even the smear plugs inside the dentinal tubules are washed out. Irriflex® enhances, cleaning and irrigation for an improved removal of residues, such as debris smear layer and biofilm. The result is cleaner root canals to help prevent apical periodontitis

Irriflex® improves, cleaning efficacy, and provide significant benefits over the use of conventional irrigation needles. A new standard is born

Here's our video that shows some of Irriflexs' key features


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