O-Star Wide Spectrum Light Curing device

Woodpecker’s wide spectrum curing light the O-Star packs in seven specialised modes of operation ideal for almost any use case. Pulse, ortho, turbo and more make it an ideal choice for specialists. Not only does the device have a small, tapered head making access far easier but the base itself acts as a light meter to ensure you’re able to get accurate readings. 

O-Star guide + demo

Here's a short walkthrough on how to operate the O-Star light curing device. 


O-Star accessories

O-Star Glasses                 Ostar Disposable sleeves

O-Star Protective Glasses | O-Star Disposable Sleeve

O-Star Protective Glasses

The new in O-Star protective glasses are sleek in design and incredible from a functionality perspective. Each tinted lens is wide and wraps around at both corners allowing maximum spacial viewing.

O-Star Disposable Sleeve

O-Star disposable sleeves allow you to ensure that the O-Star is protected and makes sanitisation and clean up far easier. The single use sleeves allow you to keep the device clean especially when you're seeing back to back patients.

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Video Transcription:

I’ve checked the transcript and cleaned it up: 

Hey guys. Daniel very kindly dropped in the o-star light cure unit. So let me tell you about our practice for a minute. Pretty much for the last five/six years, everything we do is adhesive, bonded, all to do with resins, and so the fundamental unit of adhesive dentistry has to be the light curing unit   It's almost underestimated.

For a long time I've been using the Valo which has up until today, been the gold standard in light curing units. It's got a high intensity cure, it's got a slow start and it's got everything that you thought you would have wanted, but then today I use the O-Star and honestly, I'm sold and I'll tell you why I'm sold.

The first thing is that there's a significant weight difference. This is so much lighter, so much easier to handle than the valo. Second thing is the actual head size is the same in terms of the size of the curing light, but the stem is so much narrower and thinner and I can also rotate it, so it allows me to hold the button, but rotate it to cure the buccal polacial occlusal, and I think when you finally start to do a lot of adhesive dentistry, that little thing just helps massively. Today Daniel will share with you some pictures today. We did some occlusal overlays on upper eights and the access was phenomenal. 

The other thing is that this has an integrated battery, so it just sits in a charger until I want to use it, whereas the valo actually uses rechargeable batteries and you have to remove them to charge them. More often than not, we've come across short when they've run out of charge right when I need to cure things, so then there was that. 

Now in terms of options available in terms of usability for curing. This has everything. It has intensive cure when you want to cure through certain ceramic materials, but it's also got a soft start when you want to cure a direct composites and you want to reduce the polimerization stresses, so it's got all of that available. There's a lot of detail in the manual itself, but honestly I'm sold. This is going to become part of my everyday workflow because pretty much every day, day in day out we do adhesive dentistry and, the one thing we need is a good light curing unit. 

The other thing which is really useful is on the charging dock you've got an ability to test the intensity of the light with depth markers. So different depth, intensity markers to allow you to test the intensive cure at two, three and four millimetres, not that we do it that often, but when you're trying to cure through ceramic onlays or certain bonded zirconias, you want to be able to do that. 

So for me, I'm sold, this isn't a sales pitch, honestly, I do it every day and valo is a phenomenal light, but this is just so much better. So, if anyone wants to ask me anything, just feel free to give me a call.

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If you’d like to purchase the O-Stat for yourself, here is the page where you can do so. We'd also recommend the O-Star disposable sleeves that allow you to streamline the cleaning process and adds a layer of protection to the o-star.