D600 ultrasonic scaler (with LED light handpiece and endo, perio and general dentistry modes) Extra tips included.

D600 ultrasonic with led light: D600 with led light handpiece and extra tips
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Ultrasonic scaler with intelligent feedback

Excellent ultrasonic unit suitable for perio, endo, restorative and microsurgery.

More versatile than the wireless Endo3 unit which is solely for ultrasonic irrigation.

The Sine-Wave Drive ensures a more comfortable scaling treatment for the patient.

The touch screen controls are waterproof and sensitive to touch for easy power adjustments. 

Product features

  • Intelligent power output for painless treatment.
  • Waterproof design. 
  • Simple touch interface.
  • Sine wave drive for comfortable scaling.
  • Clear power regulation mode.

Clinical indications:

Suitable for perio, endo, restorative and microsurgery.

  1. Perio kit
  2. Endo access cavity kit
  3. Ultrasonic Irrigation kit
  4. Instrument removal kit
  5. Endo Microsurgery kit
  6. Restorative kit

Free detachable metal handpiece and free tips with every purchase.

Included tips: 

  • Restorative tips – 1 x GD5 & 1 x GD12
  • Scaling tips – 1 x PD4, 1 x PD7 & 1 x PD12
  • Endo tips – 1 x ED60 & 1 x ED62

Technical Specifications

Weight: 1.8kg

Water pressure: 0.01MPa - 0.5MPa

Output primary tip vibration excursion: ≤90μm

Output half-excursion force: < 2N

Output tip vibration frequency: 28kHz ± 3kHz

Power input: 220V / 240V, 50Hz / 60Hz, 150mA

Power Output: 3W - 20W

Extra tips are included with the order and more ultrasonic scaler handpieces and tips are available. 

Wrench for tightening available here and here

Free detachable compact, effective and powerful ultrasonic handpiece, compatible with all DTE and Satelec tips with strong autoclavable metal casing and LED light. 

  • Lightweight
  • Strong metal sleeve
  • Detachable handpiece
  • Autoclavable
  • With LED light

 Packing list:

D600 Unit 
Detachable Handpiece 
Power Cord 
Foot Switch 
Torque Wrench 
Endo Wrench 
Water Pipe 
Quick-connector for water 
700ml water bottle 
Waterproof O Ring
Bottle Sealed Ring
LED Lamp 
Instruction of LED Lamp Replacment 
Instruction Manual 
Qualified Certification 
Warranty Card 
Packing List 

Operational Video

MB2 Access Refinement (Case Study)

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